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Cannabis and Weed Delivery Service

In many states, you can use a mobile app or website to order your weed and products for home delivery. Once you select your products and complete your transaction, the dispensary will contact you to confirm the order and arrange a delivery time. Smaller dispensaries may have in-house staff to manage the process, but larger branded companies like Eaze and WeedMaps often work with an outside vendor, such as Onfleet, to manage drivers, routes, fulfill orders, and ensure compliance with cannabis delivery laws.

Do dispensaries in Colorado ship?

Some weed delivery services charge a flat fee for delivery, while others include the cost of the product in the total price. In either case, a delivery fee should be clearly displayed on the product page, so you can be aware of it before you make your purchase. Some delivery services also require a minimum product purchase, such as an eighth of an ounce or higher.

Adding a delivery service to your dispensary can help increase sales and attract new customers. However, it’s important to do some market research and analyze customer behavior before implementing this strategy. For example, if most of your customers live in close proximity and would be willing to drive the extra distance for your convenience, you might not need a delivery option at all. Check this out :

When you’re ready to start cannabis delivery services, it’s important to have clear standard operating procedures and documentation for all aspects of your business. State and local regulations can restrict workflows, so it’s important to consult with compliance experts. You’ll also need to have a solid logistics plan in place so you can efficiently and safely manage deliveries.

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