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Spiritual Practices

Jesus took time to pray individually, to fast, to pray with his disciples and to participate in the worship life as a faithful member of the People of Israel - to remember who he was as God’s beloved child. Jesus took time to critique his larger culture, the leaders of his faith community and how his people were responding to that culture. Jesus took time to practice LOVE in public.

Jesus invites us to do the same. He invites us to take time with each one on a regular basis. Each of these inform and support the other. These three practices have often been separated from each other. Some gravitate to the spiritual disciplines, others to theology, others to some form of public leadership.
Each of these primary disciplines are a central part of being human and to becoming more authentic to the person that God is creating us to be.

And this is the point: God is not trying to ask us become someone else or to conform to some pre-programmed idea of the ideal human being; rather God is creating us to be more authentic to who we are.

We have put together some spiritual practices. You can download them below. These are meant to be a flexible way for you to use many spiritual practices to remember your baptismal identity. You can use almost any spiritual practice or activity within the outline of these practices.

Lastly, remember that a daily spiritual practice is not meant as another thing on your to-do list. Rather it is a time for a break within your daily routine to celebrate being alive.