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Examples of House Church Leadership

These are a few of the issues that a house church might focus on

  • Sustainable living
  • Development in Third world countries
  • Tutoring for marginalized youth
  • Leadership within a professional class of people on Christian ethics in the workplace
  • Food bank and job training for homeless and underemployed
  • Working in advocacy with local, state, and federal legislature
  • Raising awareness of the military industrial complex
  • Resisting the exploitation of migrant workers

Many times the church sees, prays about, and serves in these areas. The many church-run hospitals, homeless shelters, counseling clinics and so on bear witness to the church's service.  That is great! Sometimes, however, the church gets trapped into the idea of serving the needs of a group, rather than leading in the larger community to bring a more fundamental kind of change to the world. The Catacomb Churches will focus on public leadership.

Jesus call us to the ethic of love of God, neighbor, and self. Love can be described as the willingness to risk so that self and others might be who God has created us to be. Sometimes the ethic of love calls us to shake up orders that fall short of love. Sometimes the ethic of love call us to challenge people in behaviors and attitudes that are destructive to themselves.

Another key point: house churches will have the freedom to follow their calling. As long as they have a well reasoned theological and Biblical perspective, rigorous discernment, and a clear action plan they can follow their calling - as long as they can lead without trying to win.

Five short examples:

A nursing home in the community is poorly run and few people go to visit its residents. A Catacomb Church becomes aware of this, begins to visit the residents and gets to know the staff. They begin to network with other groups in the community to find ways to get people connecting with our elders that live there and the staff that serves them.

Two engineers go through formation as house church leaders, and then gather other engineers to think about the ethics of engineering: what is the responsibility of the engineer and the engineering community for what is done with what they design. They being to foster public and often uncomfortable conversation about this important topic.

A local middle school is experiencing a rising amount of drug use. A Catacomb church begins to organize an experience in which parents and children are given the opportunity to work together and understand one another better. The program could start in 4th grade and continue all the way through middle school.

A Catacomb Church discerns a call to raise awareness of about the working conditions of migrant workers. They work to get to know both the employers and the workers and foster conversation with both the parties. They join with the migrant workers in a march and a public awareness day. They work to maintain a relationship with the employers and the migrant workers.

Given the ever increasing defense spending of the US government, a Catacomb Church discerns a call to participate with other groups in raising consciousness and advocating for a reduction in the defense budget while also advocating for medical care for veterans.