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Community Organizing

As we participate in God's healing and creation of the world, The Catacomb Churches encourages people to the use of Spiritual Formation and Social Change Skills.

One of the key social change skills the community organizing.

Community organizing is the concept that individuals affected by an issue have more power to create change by working together than by acting individually.  It offers a combination of specific tools and strategies that assist communities in discovering the communal power of the values and visions they hold in common with one another, and moves people to transform themselves, their institutions and their communities for the sake of justice and equity in the world.

Community organizing moves communities and people through a range of steps collectively called the organizing cycle.  The cycle is shaped around listening, research, action, and reflection, with a deep focus on building relationships and capacity throughout the entire cycle.

God’s call to Abraham and Sarah, to Moses, and to the prophets are attempts by God to organize communities to participate in their own healing and creation. Jesus utilized community organizing as a key strategy in his nonviolent public leadership.

You can find out more about community organizing in and by the church on the ELCA website:  click here