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Critique of Worldviews -What is theology?

The Catacomb Churches is informed by the Lutheran tradition. Martin Luther encouraged people to speak the truth about the world – the truth about the way the world is and the truth about how God is creating it to be. He called this practice being "theologians of the cross."

In other words, it is more important to practice a way to do theology more than to quote a bunch of dead white men who did theology in years past. We see Christianity as a prophetic (or truth-telling) tradition.

What is meant by theology?

Theology, as used in the Catacomb Churches is the practice of the critique of worldviews and how they form or deform human beings.

Central to the Catacombs is that in Jesus' life, death, and resurrection we have a glimpse into the heart of God. In Jesus we see not just what God did once, but what God continually does: that is God is willing to suffer with and for us so that we and all creation might be brought to salvation.

Second, what is meant by salvation? The word "salvation" means healing. In Jesus God works to bring healing to human beings, to human relationships, and to our relationship with the creation. We find out in Colossians that in Christ God is reconciling all things to God. These next pages explain the ways in which we need reconciling to God, to our own lives, and how how human cultures need healing and reconciliation.

The basic theology of The Catacomb Churches is:

In Jesus, God reveals:
•  God is committed to healing & creating the world
•  God invites us to participate in the healing & creation of the world
•  Our participation is one way God heals and creates us