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Our Staff

Pastor Terry Kyllo

Terry grew up in Lacrosse, Washington, a wheat-farming town of 300 people in southeastern corner of the state. His father was a custodian at the school, and his mother was a homemaker who was

diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when Terry was five. From the experience of his mother’s illness, Terry learned that life is fragile and is to be honored. He is still learning from his father’s faithfulness in the midst of illness.

Terry’s path to pastoral vocation began when in high school he was told that he could not accept evolutionary theory and be a Christian. This created a tension in his life between Christianity and the modern world that led him away from Christianity for a time. Eventually realizing that it must be possible to both be a Christian and live in today’s world, he engaged in conversation and study to discover the underlying bases for these seemingly contradictory viewpoints and to reconcile those ideas.

Terry attended seminary at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, receiving his Masters of Divinity (a four-year degree required for Lutheran ordination) in 1991.

With about 1/2 of his time, Terry serves as the director of Neighbors in Faith. NIF works to facilitate neighborly relationships between Muslims and other faith communities so that together we can build stronger communities and engage public issues in promotion of a peaceful world. You can find out more at

With his other 1/2 time, he is developing the Catacomb Churches as a way to equip and support people in their baptismal ministry of leadership in partnership with Jesus Christ, in whom God is reconciling and recreating the world.
Terry lives in Anacortes, Washington, with his wife and their two children.

Terry has written two books:

  •  Being Human: The Image of the Serving God (2004)
  •  Apprenticeship: Embracing Life and Practicing Humanity in the Way of Jesus (2011)

Being Human is an introduction to following Jesus. Apprenticeship serves as the basis for the sense of mission and theology for The Catacomb Churches.

Sister Liz Colver


Sr. Liz grew up in the Seattle area and loved it so much she has never left (and never wants to!).  She was raised in a family that took church to be the family of God seriously, and attended a church from birth through confirmation that was nourishing of her individuality, faith experiences and expressions, and challenging her visions of justice for the sake of the kingdom of God.

Sr. Liz knew from a very young age that she was called to engage the church and world, specifically in the Pacific Northwest.  She knew from experience that church could be formative and nourishing, but the reality seemed to be different for a majority of her friends - especially ones with less unearned privileges in their lives.  As a teenager, Sr. Liz was a jazz performer, and would travel around the region meeting and singing with other youth and young adults.  The network of people she met was full of people from all different walks of life and experience, and she felt a yearning to connect the authentic ways these people lived their lives with the understanding she had that God calls us to be our most true and authentic selves in community without changing who God created them to be to fit in the church box.

Sr. Liz attended Trinity Lutheran College and received her BA in Multicultural Studies, with minors or Biblical Studies and Counseling in 2005.  While in college, she met and married her partner James.  In 2013, Sr. Liz graduated from Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry with a Masters in Pastoral Studies, and completed Community Organizing trainings with the IAF network, and the ELCA.  She now serves as the Community Organizer for the Catacomb Churches and the Community Organizing Specialist for the Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA.

Sr. Liz and her partner James have 2 children - Hazel and Shepherd, and live in a solar powered house in Kenmore, WA.  She loves knitting, reading, playing games, one to one conversations, talking theology, and laughing until she cries.  Oh, and she loves coffee - like, really loves coffee.  So go ahead and contact her if you want to share a cup - she’ll meet you most anywhere!