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Why House Churches

After the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 CE, the Jewish people no longer had the Temple to be the center of their tradition. They moved into houses.

As our Jewish sisters and brothers adapted to a new situation, we need to adapt to a changing situation. As the church adapted to a changing world in the time of the Great Reformation, so we are called to adapt to the emergence of a new age.  We cannot afford the thought that just doing what we did harder will help us adapt to the future. Nor is it wise to abandon all traditions. When we go through such changes, we need to go deeply into the Scripture and tradition and conversation with our neighbors.

We are entering into a new era, a new age. We do not know the contours of this age yet. One way to frame the questions are:

  • How do we embrace life as it is?
  • How do we live together given our different cultures?
  • How will we live together respecting the earth and our children?

The Catacomb Churches wish to retain our connection to and activity with other house churches and other expressions of the church. It is an attempt to bring the best of the ways we do church now, with the future that we are moving into.

This way to be the church is not an indictment against other ways of being the church. The Christian Scriptures present many models for how to be the church. The Catacomb Churches is an attempt to add to the ways that we currently express community gathered in and around Jesus Christ. In fact we are in partnership with a church to add house churches to their model of ministry.

The Catacomb Churches will make mistakes and will learn many things. Whatever that future, God is shaping it. Let us be shaped.