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What is a House Church

The Catacomb Churches is a congregation of house churches.

House churches are groups of up to ten adults plus children, with two leaders, who meet for weekly meetings of about two hours including dinner and to share in the three disciplines of Jesus.

Eventually, our house churches will meet together once a month larger corporate worship, mutual support, and fun. We call this the Catacomb Gathering.

Each house church has the oversight of and support from of a pastor, a deacon and two bishops: one Lutheran and the other Episcopalian.

The in-house gatherings are liturgical and sacramental in nature. We work to create a worship experience to form a space for people to engage one another in conversation. In this space, we encourage people to

  • listen so others can hear themselves, rather than to coach, fix or conform others
  • engage in deeper meanings of scripture, rather than to do Bible fight club
  • pray with each other, rather than to prey on or pray for others
  • give and receive honest and loving feedback to one another, rather than to stuff, resent and explode on each other