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About House Churches

In the early centuries, Christians met in catacombs to bury their dead. In the Catacombs they were free to remember Jesus' vision for the world and to support each other in living out that vision in the power of God. In the Catacombs they were free to remember they were dead to the larger culture in baptism and freed work to bring healing to that culture. The Catacomb Churches is an attempt to revive the ancient practice of connected house churches and to strive for some clarity about what Jesus was and is doing.

The pages below attempt to explain more about the how and why of house churches.

We have two kinds of house churches:

  1. Where people gather for community and embody God's love in some kind of public leadership
  2. Where people in positions of leadership gather for community and to reflect on, gain clarity about and accountability for the way they embody God's love in leadership

We offer resources, as well as coaching and supervision, for group formation, house church worship, spiritual practices, public leadership and community organizing.

Our worship materials are distributed through a password protected website available to our house churches.