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Week Two: Second Day

Remembering Your Story

Our capacity to discern our future is very much tied to being able to remember, tell and reflect on our own story.

When you meet with your group, you will have the opportunity to listen to others’ stories and to tell your own. This activity is meant to help you deepen your capacity to tell meaningful vignettes or episodes that express what life was like for you at various stages of your life.

Over the next 5 weeks, you will be invited to pick one of the photos you selected last week and write or rehearse a short story about an event that describes what life was like for you then. It doesn’t matter which photo you pick first. Just pick the one that gives you the most energy.

We encourage you to just tell one story (or episode or vignette) and to make it as brief as possible.

You may write it out. You may write an outline. You may just try telling the story to yourself 3 or 4 times. It’s up to you.

The point is for you to be able to tell the story without notes.

You may want to come back to this story another week and  retell or re-write this story again.

We also encourage you to tell the story to a friend or family member when you are ready. We learn a lot about ourselves when we hear ourselves tell our own story.