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Week Two: Fourth Day

Accepting your Resistance and Backlash

The daily faith practices can be exciting, comforting, and rewarding. These feelings, while nice, are not the goal of these faith practices. These faith practices can also be boring, scary, and feel fruitless. These feelings, however uncomfortable, are not signals that these faith practices should be stopped.

The goal of these faith practices is to begin to appreciate, and live out in our lives and our identity as God’s beloved children. So, if you have positive experiences with these practices, great. If you do not, keep at it for a while. Remember that there is a part of you that does not want to pray because you think you are God. There is a part of you that doesn’t want to pray because you think God doesn’t like you. Part of you thinks you are less than human. You can expect to have some resistance from both these directions – often at the same time! When you are changing, that is when you experience resistance.

Keep at it and know that you are not alone!

We often expect that when we start this sort of journey that we will experience some kind of mountain-top experience and stay there forever. While we may experience some mountain-top moments, the struggle is actually where the rewarding work takes place.

Take short steps and stick with it.

Also be aware that when you find yourself making some changes, even slow ones, you might have a lot of negative feelings after a few weeks. This is called a backlash. Your wonder child and your born loser often retreat for a while during a change, and then come back with a vengeance after three or four weeks of it. Be ready! However, do not put down your “God wannabe” or your self-negator. To put them down is to not value who you are, and they are both a part of you!

God loves you, including each of these parts of you! Acknowledge them lovingly and say: “I accept that you are a part of me: however, you do not determine who I am. God already has shown me who I am, and who you are! I am God’s beloved child.”


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