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Week Two: Fifth Day

Practice Active Listening

You are a holy mystery, and so are other people. Today, practice the art of active listening. Be willing to be fully present with the person you are going to listen to. To do this, try to:

  • Suspend Self-Focus – allow yourself to listen to what they are saying without relating it to your experience.
  • Delay Judgment – allow yourself to set aside value judgments while you are listening.
  • Be attentive to the deeper story, the story behind the story

As you listen, try to

  • Try to arrange seating so that your eyes are at the same level
  • Ask open questions
  • Make appropriate eye contact
  • Ask clarifying questions: “What I am hearing you say is…  Is that right?”

As the conversation is done ask them “How was this conversation for you?’

Ask yourself the same question and perhaps write about it in your journal.