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Week Three: Third Day

Contemplative Listening

TCC members are all growing in our capacity to practice contemplative listening.
Contemplative listening is sustained attention to

  • The self and God with and in the self
  • The Word and God with and in the word
  • Others and God with and in others
  • The Group and God with and in the group
  • The culture and God with and in the culture
  • The Creation and God with and in the creation

Contemplative Listening graphic earth Med

We encourage each other to grow in our ability to listen to ourselves and notice our reactions, to notice the reactions of others, to notice how the group is functioning, how the larger culture influences the group,, and how God’s way of mutuality is drawing the group forward.

Today, will focus on the first two. Choose a conversation from today. Make two columns in your journal or on a computer if that is better for you.

In one write down, word for word, what you and the other person said.

In a second, write down what you were thinking and feeling and why you chose to speak or not speak.

Then reflect on these questions:

  • Where did you feel a connection to the other person?
  • Where did you feel tension or conflict?
  • When did you choose to speak and why?
  • What are your strengths in conversation?
  • What are some things you want to work on?