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Week Six: Second Day

One-to-One with a Community Leader

This is an invitation to do a 30-minute interview with a community leader. It could be a teacher, a police officer, a principle, an elected official, or the leader of a local business or nonprofit. Be sure to keep it to 30 minutes.

Begin by telling them that you are participating in a congregation that is exploring doing some community organizing and that you are in the information gathering and relationship building part of that work.

Take notes, but do it after your meeting.

  • Ask a general question or two about their job, how long they have been living in the community, or what is their work life like.
  • Ask questions about why he or she does what she does, what her or his motivations are. When did they first get interested in doing this work?
  • Ask what challenges, from their perspective, they see in the larger community.
  • Is there was one thing that they wish could change?
  • Ask if there are other people in the community that they would suggest you talk to.
  • Thank them!

This is a simplified version of a one-to-one meeting.

TCC members will receive training on a more full version.