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Week Six: First Day

God’s Way of Mutuality

Baptismal Vow: To strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being

This fifth and final vow is our promise to work with God for what Jesus called the kingdom of God. People are rightly concerned that this “king” language is not adequate for our needs. Today this term is prone to authoritarian interpretations. Others have called it the “community of God”, the “reign of God”, the “kin-ship of God”.

In TCC we are open to all these terms but more frequently use the term “God’s way of mutuality”.

Whatever we call it, God’s way of mutuality is the promise of a future humanity and earth healed, whole and alive with creative possibility. We express it this way:

God’s Way of Mutuality is God’s love, grace, and shalom in everyday life, in every aspect of human relationship: public, private, economic, political, personal and communal, body, mind and environment.

In this vow we dedicate our lives to continued daily reoriented to God’s way of mutuality and to do all we can to assist its emergence.


In this vow we also promise to remember that in our ministry of striving for justice and peace we are called to treat people with respect and dignity.

The ends do not justify the means!

It must be remembered, however, that Jesus also didn’t tip-toe around and avoid conflict. He was willing to do and say things that he knew would disturb people.

Disturbing people is not the same thing as violating another person. To be leaders means to sometimes disturb people, but never to violate their dignity.

Take a few minutes and describe what God’s way of mutuality might look like to you.

Read the Gospel Text for this week and Pastor Terry’s reflection or listen to the podcast. We encourage you to share your insights and questions on our Facebook page.