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Week One: Sabbath Day

Sabbath -Walking Meditation

Please join the rest of us in TCC in taking a weekly Sabbath. The tag line for TCC is Resisting Domination, Restoring Creation, and Being Human. The Sabbath, as a part of our spiritual practices, is intended help us to enjoy being alive, to take a break, and to see and experience that life is good.

To the biblical mind, however, labor is the means toward an end, and the Sabbath as a day of rest, as a day of abstaining from toil, is not for the purpose of recovering one’s lost strength and becoming fit for the forthcoming labor. The Sabbath is a day for the sake of life. Man [sic] is not a beast of burden, and the Sabbath is not for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of his work. “Last in creation, first intention,” the Sabbath is “the end of the creation of heaven and earth.”  Rabbi Heschel

Like the rest of us, you will no doubt have a list of things you think you need to do. At the very least, set aside a period of time during a day, say from 3:00 PM to bedtime, in which you just enjoy the day.

On this first day, I suggest that part of that enjoyable day be a Meditative Walk.

  • Pick a place to walk that you know pretty well
  • As your left foot hits the ground say to yourself “God is”
  • As your right foot hits the ground say to yourself “Love”
  • When other thoughts or worries intrude, notice them, and let them go
  • If you need to, take out a note pad and write these thoughts down and come back to them later
  • Notice how this practice leads you to feel
Image from the catacombs: Jesus leading and carrying sheep in the midst of the trees of life, with birds of the air (a symbol for all nations) resting in the trees