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40 Days

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We are so pleased that you are interested in participating in The Catacomb Churches.

You can follow this website or you can download the following PDF which all contain the same information. 40 Days Booklet 8 2015

Being a part of TCC will not make God love you any more than God does right now. You are loved and accepted as you are. The Spirit is working in and with you so that you may become more authentic to yourself and the God who is creating you.
Being a part of TCC, like participation in any community of faith, is not a consumer choice.

It is a call from God:

  • to enjoy the blessings with others in this faith community.
  • to engage challenges with others in this faith community.
  • to repent with us for the ways that we fall short of authentic life with God

We have found that it really helps people to have some personal reflection to help them clarify if TCC is really a part of God’s call to them.

Participants in TCC are encouraged to spend time on the three disciplines of Jesus:

  • Spiritual Practices
  • Critique of Wordviews (theology)
  • Nonviolent Public Leadership

We will explain these disciplines in the 40 Days
During these 40 days we will be encouraging you to explore some personal and/or family spiritual practices. Here are the practices we encourage:

  • Weekly Sabbath
  • Daily spiritual
  • Stewardship of creation, self, family and resources
  • Regular participation in and leadership with and within the Catacomb Church Worship
  • Preparation and reading, including weekly emails and monthly topics
  • Leadership in daily life

As you go through the 40 Days we encourage you to explore some spiritual practices and to develop a regular time to engage in this important discipline.

Here is what doing 40 Days will take:

Every day:

  • Practice a Spiritual Discipline for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Spend ½ hour but no more than 1 hour for reflection or exercise of the day.

Each Week:

  • 5 days of exercises
  • 1 day for a short bit of writing
  • 1 sabbath day

There are several exercises that will require some preparation and planning. We encourage you to look over these exercises soon and make the necessary preparations:

  • Active Listening
  • Group Conversation
  • Meeting with Community Leader

If you would rather have a paper booklet, we have them ready to send to you. Otherwise use these pages organized by weeks and days to guide your reflection.

We encourage you to buy a journal that you will use for written reflections on your 40 Days.

Lastly, we hope that this 40 Days process will encourage your growth as the person God and you are creating whether you are called to be a part of TCC or not.

May God bless you in your wrestling!