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Scapegoating in America: Blaming vulnerable communities for our problems










Scapegoating happens when groups of human beings are anxious and then focus their anxiety on a vulnerable person or group, blaming them for all the problems leading to their anxiety.

The problem is, while this may make people feel better for a while, it doesn't solve the deeper issues leading to people to feel anxious. Rather, it turns human beings into abusers and victims of abuse – this is bad for everyone. It also creates a cycle in which there is always another group of scapegoated people who are "up next" and undermines the very fabric of human community.

Recently, some of our public leaders have picked two groups of people to scapegoat:

  1. Mexicans - as the reason for lost jobs and low wages and as a safety threat
  2. Muslims - as a safety threat and as those who want to undermine our culture

And if this were not bad enough, this scapegoating of Mexicans and Muslims is leading to violence toward Jews, the GLBTQIA community, Sikhs and others.

We will spend three weeks talking about these issues:

  • March 16: The world as it is.
  • March 23: The world as we envision it.
  • March 30 What we are going to do about it?

We invite the community to come and join us in this conversation at the Empire Ale House at 314 W Gates St
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

We will begin at 7:00 PM and end at 8:30 PM.

If you have questions you can email terry at

Please come and join us!