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Is God a Bully? Is God a Wimp? How our stories of God shape our future

Is God a Bully?

Is God a Wimp?

Exploring how our stories of God shape our future

Whenever we talk about God we are making a proposal about human beings and how humans can live together.

For some God is an authoritarian who seeks power over people. They say that God will soon destroy the earth and take the good people to heaven, abandoning those who don't obey to hell.

For some God needs the suffering of Jesus to be able to forgive human beings.

For some God can only love you once you become a Christian, as they define being Christian.

By telling these stories they propose that we have to make everyone think like them, can disregard those who don't and that we can use the earth with no regard for its future.

These stories are NOT the deep story of the Bible in which God is seen as partner with human beings seeking a sustainable future in which God works for the healing and creation of the world and its peoples.

All are invited to explore how our images and stories of God shape our imagination about our selves, our culture and our future.

There will be an optional introduction to The Catacomb Churches after some refreshments.

Please bring a can or two of food which we will take to the local food bank.

Held at

Church of the Beloved
8104 220th St SW
Edmonds WA
Thursday, March 13, 2014
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


7:00 Welcome
7:05 Presentation
7:45 Q & A
8:00 Refreshments
8:15 Optional Intro to
The Catacomb Churches