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Love casts out fear

Dear Friends,

remember that love casts out fear
not because the fear is imaginary
or because all fear is wrong

but because love is stronger than fear

fear can protect, fear can react
and we give thanks because fear can get us moving
from a place of danger to the arms of safety
fear can draw a boundary of protection

at its best

but fear can never tell us where to go
or what kind of a world make
or see into the heart of wisdom
or recognize sister and brother in the eyes of those we think different from us

this is why love casts out fear
because after the event is over
we need to chart a course
to find our wisdom again
to remember who we are - as persons and as a people

remember that on this day
acted in kindness
shared food
forgave their enemy
ran to the aid of their fellow beings



and yes, today a few planted bombs
not just on the streets of Boston
but bombs of fear in everyone

we will feel fear for a time
we will feel angry
we will remember

all because something we love has been hurt

but in the end
the Billions will be heard

because love casts out fear
because love is stronger