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Reckoning with Torture

Torture by the US Government is one of the major ethical issues of our time.

  • Torture does not produce worthwhile intelligence
  • Torture does not match American values
  • Torture contributes to a culture of fear
  • Torture damages human beings created in God’s image
  • Toruture harms those who participate in it

The Catacomb Church in Everett/Marysville is inviting you to a public reading as we participate in the Reckoning With Torture movie.  We are gathering to read 11 reflections and accounts by people who have been tortured or have participated in torture.  These readings will be filmed and the best readings from across the nation and from acclaimed actors such as Robert Redford will be used to create a film, directed by Doug Liman.

 Saturday, April 27, 2013
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Trinity Lutheran College
2802 Wetmore Avenue
Everett, WA 98201

You can learn more about the production of the movie here:

A recent task force's report on torture by US Government click here.

For more information about a faithful response to torture by the Lutheran church click here.

For a video by National Religious Campaign Against Torture click here:

Here are promotional materials for this event. Please feel free to download and distribute.

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