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Palm Sunday Litany

A Palm Sunday Litany
By Terry Kyllo

Two Parades
Pontius Pilate held a parade that day
Before him the centurions marched
With their troops, swords, and spears
And the sound of their marching feet
Pilate himself on a horse of war
Proclaiming the “Peace of Rome”
And Tiberius, son of the God-King Augustus
Son of Apollo, and savior of the world

Community: All hail Caesar, and his servant Pontius Pilate!
Sixty miles he came

From Caesar’s city by the sea
To keep things quiet on yet another festival day
The story of liberation remembered, but distant past
The people stood along the street as he entered
Some awed, some silent, others resentful
At this sign of occupation, slavery, crushing debt
The taking of farms, the starving of children
In a city of despair
Another parade took place that day
Jesus on a colt
And the people sang and waved their palms
And laughed!

Silly Caesar and his claim to be God!
Merciless Pilate with his swords and crosses
Foolish troops and spillers of blood
Only Yaweh saves, only Yaweh brings peace

Community: Only Yaweh is God, the maker of heaven and earth
Just one more Empire in a long line
But the load of the Empire of Fools
Is a heavy load, it crushes, burns, and kills
Both the Fool and the Burdened

Community: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

To bring healing to oppressed
To announce the emergence of the kingdom of God
Within the kingdom of death

Community: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

To bring a new mind to the oppressors
To turn spear and sword to the purpose of life
Hosanna in the highest!
Over thousands of years the parades continued
And continue still
Two parades call to us
To which one will we come?
In what do we place our hope?
Do we in fact still hope?
In a world of despair
Jesus rides his donkey still
To free the oppressed and all the silly oppressors
Until all tears are turned to joy
And we all sing, and laugh, and say

Community: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!