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Great Meeting

I met tonight with a great group of people in Mount Vernon. I gave an introduction to the Catacomb Churches and we tried on a few of the personal and group spiritual practices.

This is a very diverse group. They seemed especially interested in a church that mixed the power of a small group, the spiritual practices and gift of theology and tradition of the larger church, the oversight and support of a pastor, and the freedom and money to get engaged in leadership in the larger world.

I really struggled this last week to find ways to better express what the Catacomb Churches could be and I felt I did okay.  Always more to learn!

I ended my time with them by inviting them to consider being a test group for the Catacomb worship order for 2 to 4 weeks sometime in January or February. But I told them to take some time, let the information settle, and get back to me when the time is right.

One of them said, "That's nice, because you are trying to lead without having to win."

"I manage that sometimes," I said.

It was a great evening.