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What if Church was more Interesting?

I got an email from a friend of mine with a link to a great article from Brian McLaren in which he wonders what would happen if the church was more like a seminary:

  1. A robust intellectual environment where they can openly and energetically explore God, the Bible, doctrine, faith, liturgy, mission, church history, and the spiritual life.
  2. A diverse ecumenical environment where they can read and learn from (and with) a broad range of Christians from a variety of cultures, denominations, and perspectives.
  3. A reverent soul-friendly environment where spiritual direction, practices, and formation are taken seriously.
  4. An engaged missional environment at the intersection of faith, contemporary global crises, and local social needs—where students are guided into experiences of practical involvement.
  5. An accepting communal environment where they can experience what Bonhoeffer called "life together."

Amen brother Brian!

This is a big part of what I envision for the Catacomb Churches.

Here is the full article: