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July 17th At Beloved

I spent the last three weeks at Beloved, preaching and participating in worship leadership while Ryan and family are on vacation. I learned a lot. The first week went really well. The second week I tried to do too much in the sermon and I got overly complicated.  The third week I felt I sort of found my feet there, as far as understanding what sort of message might be best.

I have been thinking about the Catacomb Churches idea for several years. It has been a great opportunity for me to express some of that to the Beloved community. After worship 5 folks sat in a circle with. I had asked for some feedback on my worship leadership, sermons, and the Catacomb Churches idea. This was really helpful. What was most helpful was the questions they asked about the Catacomb Churches idea. Their questions were not so much about whether or not it could happen, but how it would happen, how it would be started, organized, paced, and so on. I think the pacing of the group will be especially important.

One man told me he especially liked the idea of house churches working on a focus area for the healing of the world but not having to "fix" it: but "just taking part in what God is doing there."

Here is the sermon I preached that day: